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About Peach

Peach has been empowering the Indian Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industry with Software since 1989, and is by far its largest supplier of IT-driven management systems.

Our creations range from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Production Management Systems to Mobile Apps and Web solutions.

Peach serves customers spread across India, covering PCB manufacturers of all sizes and varieties.

Peach is led by a team of US-returned entrepreneurs, who are passionate to contribute towards the progress of Indian organizations, and empower honest government officials and growth-minded entrepreneurs.

Our board of directors combines diversity of experience and energy with the shared Peach culture of Innovation, Integrity, and Impact.

Asit Patel brings to Peach vast experience in manufacturing and construction sector, as well as passion to help Indian businesses transform their customer experience by way of high quality CRM and ticketing. An alumnus of University of Illinois at Chicago, he also currently leads the multi-sector Apollo Group of Industries headquartered in Mehsana, Gujarat.
Ekta Shah leads the creative team behind Genie ERP and other Peach products. Her technical experience at Qualcomm Inc. ensures that Genie ERP offers the very best operational quality and user experience, adopting the latest technological advances. Ekta studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she continues to contribute as an active alumna.
Haren Shah is the driving force behind the vision and impact orientation of Peach creations. Having experienced the dynamism of start-ups as well as the systems-driven operations of global conglomerate like IBM (US), he enjoys designing solutions for technology-driven transformation for organizations of every variety, traders, manufacturers, government, or non-profits. Haren is an alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology, and leads the e-Governance division.
Mayoor Amin is the most experienced of Peach directors, having played active roles in organizations serving sectors ranging from Agro Products to Defense to Hospitality to Textiles. Peach gains much from his passion for quality of product and service, and thorough knowledge in legal and administrative aspects. An alumnus of the Ohio State University, Mayoor currently leads Mitronics Corporation and the AP Group of Industries based in Mumbai.
Parth Shah pursues product promotion and brand development for Genie ERP and other creations in the MSME vertical. He brings extensive experience of 10+ years in the ERP domain, having interacted with users of a wide variety, ranging from small traders to volume manufacturers to machinery suppliers to exporters. Parth is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin.

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